How to Properly Cook Beef at The Right Temperature

Who does not love beef, right? It is not just something that is made for dinner, for many people, it is more or less a lifestyle. However, when it comes to cooking beef unless you are going through with all the cuts with high heat and fire, you need to be careful about cooking it because a small mistake can ruin your entire experience.

Normally, the guidelines tell you to make sure that all the beef is cooked until it is properly cooked through and through. However, the temperature of the beef is something that is different. Now the thing is that if you look at ground beef, that is something that needs to be cooked properly because the contaminants are mixed with the beef.

As for the whole cut, you do not have to worry as much since the same contaminants are found on the surface, and they start dying as soon as you start cooking the meat.

Still, we are going to take a look at how you can cook the beef at the right temperature.

If you are looking at large parts like New York strip, porterhouse, fillet, or ribeye, you can cook it these at pretty much any temperature you want to. These are the parts that do not go through a lot of work, so retaining the flavor and texture in them is generally easier.

Moving on to skirt steak, the perfect temperature for such a cut of meat should be around medium well. Flank steak will be the best if you put it somewhere between medium rare, or medium. However, do not go past medium because it will turn into rubber.

Moving towards the largest roasts like prime rib, it is the best when it is at medium rare, however, since they are large in size when the center does reach medium-rare, the remaining parts of the steak start dwelling between medium to medium-well.

If we are talking about the cheaper cuts like brisket, chuck, and short ribs, then these require you to cook them at well done. The ideal environment for these cuts is usually moist. There is plenty of internal collagen as well as fat, and both of them require proper breaking down in order to bring the taste of the cuts out.

In conclusion, the thing that we must know here is that cooking beef is not what is difficult. If you know what type of cut you are dealing with, and how each cut should be treated, then the remaining process is rather simple and straightforward. Something that is very, very important to keep in mind if you are looking to have the right experience.

Rest assured, if you do end up cooking meat like the ones we have suggested here, we can assure you that there will be no issues whatsoever. Just get started and do not worry about messing things up at all.